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The background of the EEDI and its relation to general concepts of performance parameters for Marine Propulsion
报告人:Prof. Douwe Stapersma

报告人简介:After graduating at Delft Technical University in the field of gas turbines the author joined Nevesbu - the Dutch design bureau for naval ships - in 1973 and was involved in the design and engineering of the machinery installation of the Standard frigate. From 1980 onward he was responsible for the design and engineering of the machinery installation of the Walrus class submarines and in particular the machinery automation. He was in charge of the specification of the detailed automation requirements of all platform systems in order to develop the software for the Integrated Control & Monitoring System. After that he was in charge of the design of the Moray class submarines in a joint project organization with RDM. In that role he coordinated amongst others the conflicting interests between the combat system and the submarine platform. In 1993 he became a professor of Marine Engineering at the Royal Netherlands Naval College location of the Netherlands Defence Academy and a lecturer/researcher at Delft Technical University. In 2000 he was appointed as part-time professor of Marine Engineering & Diesel Engines at Delft University of Technology. His main fields of research are: energy generation and conversion on board ships, gas turbine and diesel exhaust emissions and ship propulsion and machinery dynamics. In 2013 he retired from NLDA but is still affiliated with TUD to supervise some PhD students.

(2)报告题目:Marine Engineering Research Developments in the Netherlands

报告人:Ir. Klaas Visser

报告人简介:Klaas Visser is Assistant Professor Marine Engineering at the Faculty Maritime Technology, Delft University of Technology, since 2013. His research topics include Hybrid Ship Configurations, Emission Reduction of Ships, Maritime System Integration and Autonomous Ships.He graduated in 1989 at the Delft University of Technology on the subject of Maritime Diesel Engines.


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